The Oualie Consulting Group Ltd provides professional services in the
areas of management science and operational research. In simple terms,
we focus on helping you do whatever you are doing,
better, so that you can
achieve your goals and get to where you need to be!!

We bring with us a range of advanced
tools and techniques from statistics,
mathematics, finance, cognitive psychology, game theory, project
management, computer science, workshop facilitation and other
disciplines that can resolve the challenges you are facing, whether you
work in the private, public or development sector.

But it all starts with listening to you, understanding your needs and
constraints and working with you to develop
solutions, which you can have
confidence in and are tailored to your situation.

As a small firm, we pride ourselves on our ability to give focused,
personalized attention to the needs of individual clients in the SME (Small
and Medium Enterprises) and the non-profit sector, but we also possess a
network of global partners that enables us to offer the skills and resources
of larger entities and to meet the needs of global clients.
The Oualie Consulting Group Ltd is a Canadian limited liability
company incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario.

Coming soon: Africa and Middle East Office

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