The Oualie Consulting Group Ltd offers management consultancy services,
we believe that both qualitative and quantitative methods offer value and
insight into understanding problem situations and use both hard and soft
operational research/management science (including project management
and project preparation) to addressing our Clients’ needs. Our team has
extensive experience in both the for-profit and non-profit segments, working
in small as well large companies in both developed and developing

Our staff has a wide range of international experiences from living and
working in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Our areas of expertise
encompass, managing and implementing large civil and structural works
projects; United Nation humanitarian assistance and development
projects; research and service delivery in the medical and health sciences;
translation and interpretation. The diverse range of fields covered including
managing projects that involve organizational change management,
digitization of ancient manuscripts, helping blind persons to learn to use
computers, virtual reality and animation to support education in native
languages, training for journalists, customer satisfaction surveys and
security assessments.

Our staff are not only good at what we do we are also comfortable sharing
and explaining it in technical or layman’s language. We have written
articles, conducted trainings, presentations and can be involved in change
management and focused motivational speaking sessions. Connecting
with people, empowering them to understand a new solution and to
understand it is in our view a vital part of delivering and ensuring that
whatever we produce for you works.

Our wealth of experiences and global travels have allowed us to develop a
network of individuals and institutions in North America, Europe, Asia and
Africa who we have worked with and who may engage as contractors to
provide additional services as well as to gain advice and insights. We have
the opportunity to provide you with the advantages of the global reach of big
firms simultaneously with the nimbleness and personalization of a small
Our Background and Experiences
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