The following case studies are merely indicative of the wide variety of
problems that we can work with you in helping to identify solutions that
provide a range of approaches to addressing a challenging situation. We
continue to build our skill base and welcome new challenges!

As you go through these case studies you will quickly notice that our
solutions do not focus just on implementing a new expensive gadget or
gizmo. Rather we focus on a number of both short and long term areas that
bring you value. This allows change to take place at the pace and cost you
are comfortable with. We believe that staff is a vital key to long-term
success, as their ability to interact with customers, carry out their functions,
deliver quality services and products is vital to your enterprise’s longer-term
achievements. Staff training is often part of a sustainable solution, it helps
to improve their performance, builds morale and reaffirms the importance
of their contribution to the organization thereby reducing staff turnover and
the costs of recruitment and retraining. We also believe that it is not enough
to propose change, we need to monitor and measure to ensure that these
changes bring value and deliver what you expect and need. Whether this
monitoring is done by you or The Oualie Consulting Group Ltd is irrelevant,
we are not only committed to helping you get where you need to go but also
helping you to train your staff to build the capacity to enable to keep you on
doing so.

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