To succeed among bigger competitors means being focused, innovative,
adaptable, finding your unique strengths and developing them, building
and maintaining relationships, thinking about the big picture and creating a
sustainable plan.

We’d like to talk with you today, understand your concerns, and work with
you to identify your unique strengths and develop a program that helps you
get to where you want to be and keep you on the cutting edge.
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In our experience, projects tend to fail not because there are insufficient
resources or technical knowledge/skill but largely because there is not
enough communication, understanding and commitment at the individual,
team or corporate level about what is to be done, how goals are to be
achieved and understanding the consequences and risks that accompany
these choices.

In many cases having the technical, financial and other resources only
serves to delay recognition that the project is failing.

Often, there is experience and understanding within the company, which,
combined with the consultant’s inputs, could solve the problem. In any
project it is therefore essential to bring a commitment to understanding
what the client needs and helping to untap the unique knowledge and skills
within the Organization to find viable solutions.

At The Oualie Consulting Group Ltd we work with you and listen to you, after
all it’s not about us, it’s about getting you to where you need to be.  
Why we Think Projects Fail